Two of our four children have grommets. Mason and Harper both had chronic glue ear when they were two and half and subsequently had grommets operations. We could not find anything anywhere to help us keep their ears dry. 

We visited pharmacies and googled "swimming with grommets" with no luck at all. When we did find an earband it was clumsy and couldn't be adjusted. It was also fluoro. 

So we thought... "Why don't we design something ourselves?".  With the encouragement of our ENT specialist - we did just that! And little grommets was born! Our eldest son Royston helped create and inspire the dinosaurs and our younger son Mason is the boy you see on our packaging.

Fifteen years on... we continue to send our earbands, earplugs and mesh bags around the world with amazing feedback. We cannot tell you how satisfying and fulfilling it is to be providing a product that is really helping people. 

All we hope is that the frustration we had finding something to keep our children's ears dry has led to something very positive. And that the frustration of not knowing how to keep ears dry is now alleviated for others.

Easy grommets after care is everything and I am sure with little grommets we have found a way to take the stress out of swimming and bathing with grommets. 

little grommets XO